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Memories & Melodies (The Album)
Ruth Corry released her debut album, ‘Memories & Melodies’ on 21st August 2017. The album features six of her own compositions, compositions by Ailie Robertson as well as Traditional Irish pieces.

You can listen to a sample of some tracks from the album below.

"I just wanted to let you know that your new album is incredibly beautiful and a dream to listen to. To think you composed a collection of these songs yourself is beyond mesmerzing, your talent is never ending. It is extremely special to have heard you play these songs live and hear the stories about them. My whole family can expect this as their Christmas presents this year. Katherine"

"We absolutely love your new album. It’s absolutely beautiful. For the last few weeks it’s the last thing we’ve put on in the evening to relax and wind down to, and I don’t see that stopping any time soon. Thank you for the magic, looking forward to the next one! Sinead & Ciaran"

"Memories & Melodies is a dreamy and relaxing collection of pieces which we thoroughly enjoy listening too, especially when unwinding at the weekend. 10,000 Days and Nights and Loch Lomond particularly move us. The album also brings back wonderful memories of the music by Ruth at our wedding and the quality of the recording is just like having Ruth play in your home! We never tire of listening to it and would definitely recommend everyone adding it to their music collection. Karen & James"

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